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What is DWS? What can it help us do?

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DWS is the abbreviation of Dimension, Weight, and Scanning. It is an intelligent device that can integrate automatic dimension measurement, weighing, and scanning of goods. It has been widely used in logistics, warehousing, and e-commerce. , manufacturing, medical and other fields. Of course, the application scope of DWS equipment goes far beyond these, and is applicable to industries that involve dimension, volume, weight and code scanning requirements. The wide application of DWS equipment reduces labor costs, improves efficiency, and optimizes corporate economic benefits.

DWS is mainly composed of volume measurement module, weighing module and code scanning camera. In addition, functional modules such as photo evidence collection cameras can be added according to specific needs. And if necessary, you can also add a sorting function, add multiple sorting ports according to needs, and after scanning the code, the goods will be sorted to the designated exit for unified management. DWS equipment can be connected to ERP and WMS systems and upload data in real time. Through system management, you can know a series of information such as the photo, barcode, volume, and which port it is decomposed into for a certain item at that time. There is no need to manually find this information for traceability.

By using DWS equipment, the entire process of code scanning + weighing + dimension measurement + photo evidence collection + docking system + sorting can be intelligently integrated, and the entire process only takes about 1 second, which improves work efficiency and is conducive to cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Improve core competitiveness.



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