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M72DP accurately & quickly read the DMP code on precision instruments

DPM (Direct Part Mark) is a special identification technology, rather than a barcode standard, commonly referred to as "Direct Part Mark". This technology can directly label the surface of components without the need for identification carriers such as paper or labels.

The main advantage of DPM codes is that they can directly form solid graphics and text on the surface of the parts, even with the same lifespan as the parts, becoming a fixed component of the product itself, never lost or altered, and will not cause interference during the continuous processing of the product. This way, the product can be recognized throughout its entire lifecycle and can also be traced. The DPM code has been widely used in quality traceability and product tracking management in many industries, such as manufacturing, food regulation, drug regulation, aerospace, etc.


M72DP use unique soft lighting system, effectively solving a series of image problems such as barcode reflection and ghosting,professional reading of various DPM industrial barcodes such as laser engraving, mechanical engraving, and inkjet printing,Three color lighting, intelligent matching of the best light source,Datalogic decoding technology and algorithm authorization were used.Solve the reading problem under different color 1D/2D code combination.



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