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PDT-8B Configurable wireless barcode data collector

PDT-8B is a Configurable wireless barcode data collector in the market. Integrated with 32-bit ARM CPU, color TFT LCD, laser scan engine, USB interfac...

Basic Functions(Standard firmware)

1.Scan Gun(Real-time transmission mode)

USB Gun:Transfer data by USB cable.

Wireless Gun:Transfer data by wireless cradle.

2.Barcode Collecting Mode (Batch scan and bulk transmission)

All of the scanned barcode are stored in scan order in FLASH memory, even power-down won’t cause data loss.

3.Inventory (no names) Mode

Inventory mode is a simple inventory mode, only collect barcodes and quantities, without the items’ name. The maximum number of saving is 10,000 records in each library. 

Senior functions(Senior firmware)

1.Senior Collecting Mode(Configurable Mode)

Integration basic inventory and collection function,customize the fields of products' attributes, including field names, field length, field categories, input methods and so on

2.Database (Read the records in database file)

Read the existing records in database files directly and edit their values in terminal,users just need to create a '.dbf' file by our official tool or EXCEL and other tools.

Main features

1.Send data by Wireless/USB

433M wireless frequency, two-way communication,supports maximum 32 radio channels,each channel supports 255 devices 

2.Export to file

Export data to TXT or EXCEL file directly.

3.Free to set the export format

Use ASCII code to freely define the exported prefix, suffix, and delimited symbol.

4.Low power consumption

Standby time: Over 3 months (according to the remaining battery);  

Continuous work hours: 30-50 hours, at least 10,000 times scanning. 


Lithium battery, mini USB cable, wireless communication and charging cradle, cable for cradle




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